Hello, my name is Arch. It’s short for Archna. It means ‘prayer’ in Sanskrit. I believe that the meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to gift it away. My gift is my passion for food. Healthy, well-spiced, home made and delicious food to be exact. I also believe that for us to eat healthy, and nutritious food, no other sentient being needs to suffer. Therefore, all of my recipes are vegan. They contain no animals or animal byproducts.

I grew up in an Indian household with the fortune of experiencing many home cooked meals and I’ve had the privilege of crossing paths with many chefs during my life. Their love for the spice has rubbed off on me. So, I am grateful to have a treasure trove of spices and recipes to share with you. Some of them have been in my family for generations and many I have created and developed to fit into my busy mom life.

Aside from my love of spices and food, I enjoy practicing yoga, as well as rescuing and fostering puppies. So from time to time, I hope you will experience some of these adventures regarding yoga and puppies as well with me.

So to close, it’s back to food. If I can inspire you to experience a new recipe or spice, I have passed my gift on to you and succeeded in my purpose.

May your day be full of flavor,

Spice Girl of Beverly Hills